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Surfing Fitness - Getting The Most Out of Yourself

Get Fit For Surfing One thing I've noticed from many of our clients, is that when they finish their holiday, despite "glowing" from having had such a great time, many regret not having the physical fitness required for days and days of surfing. This is understandable. A week or two surfing is just the same as a week or two skiing on a winter holiday. Its not what you do every day, so your body will probably not be prepared for it. And its funny, while most people these days train to get ready for a snow holiday, most people do nothing to prepare for a surfing holiday.

So in an attempt to redress this issue, I would like to recommend a fitness training program made specifically for surfers. Its called Total Surfing Fitness. The great thing about this training course is it specifically conditions the muscles and fitness requirements for surfing. It is very comprehensive, covering strength, cardio, core and flexibility. Its been designed by Clayton Beatty, a personal trainer who has made functional training in extreme sports his area of specific expertise. It is a fitness program designed by a surfer, for surfers. And it assumes at a lowish level of fitness to begin, gradually increasing in intensity as you get fitter over the 12 weeks.

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Personally, I use this training program every year, so I can fully recommend it. Whenever I feel like I need to reinvigorate my surfing, breath a bit of life into it, I put myself through the full 12 week fitness program. I probably do this once or twice a year. I also do a bit of yoga (which is part of my weekly exercise regime) to keep my flexibility and mobility up to scratch, but I find that by running through this 12 week course once or twice a year, all aspects of my surfing improve dramatically. This includes:

  • I can surf longer. More fun for me.
  • I can paddle harder and faster. More waves for me
  • My control improves. Longer waves for me
  • My turns are more powerful. Better tricks landed.
  • I recover from long sessions quicker, so I can get out again and perform again, faster

This training program is split up into 3 x 4 week training sessions. This, I believe makes it perfect for most surfers, no matter what surfing plans they have on the horizen. Maybe you have found this page while preparing for a surfing holiday? If this is the case and you have some weeks up your sleeve, I strongly recommend you grab a copy of this surf specific fitness program and put in some training before you get here. Even if you only fit in 2 or 3 weeks training, your surfing will be that much more enjoyable when you are here. Any more than that, you won't recognise yourself. Just click through the image below for more information:

Click through the image below for immediate access to that which we believe is the #1 surf fitness training program available today.