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As light breaks, you slowly wake up. It was a clear night last night so you are not surprised to feel the chill of the morning’s winter air, despite being in Queensland. Switching on the TV, you see it is about 6°C. Brrrrrr, that’s cold. Despite this, you put on your swimmers, a t-shirt and a warm pullover, you grab a towel and head down to the beach for an early morning swim. With gritty resolve in the cold, you strip down on the beach to just your swimmers, quickly tip toe across the frigidly cold sand and dive into the breakers. You smile just like you have every morning this week, diving into the the Gold Coast’s waves on these chilly mornings is such a pleasure. With a water temperature of 19°C, if it wasn’t wet, you’d think you had just pulled a warm blanket over your body. What a refreshing way to start another day on this “battery-recharging” holiday.

Queensland’s Gold Coast is internationally famous for its beaches. We have about a 50km stretch of sun drenched beaches, where the water is warm enough to swim every day of the year. The water at its coldest, in the dead of winter, is around 19° C. So its pretty easy to see why we love our beaches here, and why so many people visit us just to spend a few weeks relaxing on the beach.

Here are some more reasons why our beaches are so popular

For the Surfers

From Duranbah in New South Wales through to The Other Side (TOS) at South Stradbroke Island, we have beach after beach of world class waves to surf. We have some of the most famous point breaks in the world, with Snapper Rocks and Burleigh Heads constantly producing amazingly long right handers. It is at these point breaks that we host the first ASP World Championship Tour event, during February – March every year.

If you are a little like me though, and are happy to trade off a small amount of wave quality for a large amount of the crowds, our beach breaks are just the thing. We have mile after mile of sandy beach breaks. The more famous of these beaches include Kirra and of course Surfers Paradise. Some lessor known beach names include Main Beach, Mermaid Beach, Nobby’s Beach, Tugan and Miami. There is rarely a day on these beaches where there is not an unridden break or two, waiting to be found and surfed by someone who doesn’t want to follow the crowd.

Its little wonder this stretch has produced such a host of Aussie surfing champions, including the current aspiring World Champions, Mick Fanning, Parko and Dean Morrison.

For the Swimmers and Tanners

The Gold Coast Weather combined with the year round temperate water conditions make our beaches ideal for swimming and tanning all year round. Sure, sometimes it gets a bit “nippy” here in the winter mornings, but it is a rarer July and August (June – August are winter in the Southern Hemisphere) not to see people tanning on the beach, than to see them there. The beautiful 20 – 24° C days of sitting in the sun in the middle of winter are the rule, not the exception.

And then there is our our ocean water temperature. As an example, I have been very warm swimming, one chilly night when the outside temperature was only 6° C, in just a pair of shorts. The water was still a beautiful 20° C. Can you imagine my mad dash to the car once I was finished though?

With 10 – 20 metres of sand from the water to the street on most Gold Coast beaches, tanning, running, surfing, swimming, kitesurfing and all manner of beach activity have become a part of the year round daily life on the coast. Further, the local council has installed picnic areas and beach volleyball fields at many convenient locations. With such encouragement to spend time at the beach, it is little wonder our beaches in themselves have become one of Australia’s premier tourist attractions.

The Gold Coast beaches are patrolled by professional life guards year round, from 9am till 5pm, ensuring your winter beach escape will be fun and safe and suitable for you, no matter what activities you are interested in. So when you are tired of the cold, wet winter in your life, pack your bags and come to the Gold Coast.

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