Welcome to the Gold Coast Surfboards Online Surf Shop. We created this online shop to bring a little bit of surf back into the surf trade. We just found that when we went shopping for surf gear, too often we were bombarded by sales girls (yes they are always cute) trying to push the latest cap, belt or t-shirt. All we wanted was a block of wax so we could hit the waves for crying out loud.

So we spent a bit of time hitting the Aussie wholesalers and put together a catalogue of products which will help you surf. That's it. No fashion, no gimmicks, no trinkets, just quality surfing gear.

Our catalogue is split into the three categories you can see to the right, these are surfboards, hardware and information products. Click through and browse the products which interest you most today.

Following are the links to the important information about our online shop. You can access these links at the bottom of every page within the online shop.


Surfboards (COMING soon)

If you are looking for a new surfboard, this is a great place to start. Here we sell surfboards of all designs, styles and shapes from Aussie shapers and manufacturers. Our range includes everything from the softboards for beginners, to short boards and high performance longboards. Yes, of course we have minimals also. Click through to see our range of sticks.
Wax, Legropes, Cameras, Grips

Surfing hardware and accessories

Surfing is not just about the surfboard. There are a stack of other things you need. Wax, legropes, deck grips and sun cure for minor dings are a few on the types of product we sell here. Click through to see our product range.


Surf Tips, Surf Stoke, Surf Training, Surf Techniques

tips and techniques, DVDs And books

Our information product section is designed to give you access to all the books, dvds, cds etc which will help you maintain your stoke, learn tricks, tips and techniques, get fitter and entertain. The only prerequisite for our selection here is it must help the surfers of Australia, enjoy the surfers lifestyle.


Surfing Magazine

Australian surfing magazines

We have managed to secure some great savings on subscriptions to Australian surfing magazines. Publications such as Tracks, Australian Surfer, Australia's Surfing Life and the new Curl magazine for the ladies are all in there (as well as other great mags). Click through form more information on these great deals.
   Surf Magazine