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Wet'n Wild Water Theme Park - A Review

At the end of November 2007, I took some of my kiwi friends to Wet'n Wild which is one of Australia's largest water theme parks. I just had to show them some of the new rides which have come out recently, and of course, some of the old ones.

Our first impression was not the best though, as the queues at Wet'n Wild took the shine off our experience a little. A lesson learned. You really want to pick a quiet time to visit the theme parks. When its too busy, you spend a whole lot of time waiting for your turn on a ride. Our average time in queues was probably 15 - 25 minutes on this day and it was only moderately busy. I remember walking past one sign which said "Its a 50 minute wait from here". We didn't nearly wait that long, so I assume it can get busier.

As far as the rides are concerned though, Wet'n WIld has some really good ones. For adenaline, you can't go past the Surf Rider. Its like riding a massive Pirate Ship type machine, except you are strapped to a rotating seat on a surf board. There are also water guns spraying you as you do the "up and down" thing. Stacks of fun, albeit a little short.

Mammoth River and the Tornado also are worth riding. Mammoth River is a huge water slide which you need to go down on, riding a raft like floatie. They seat stacks of people - and the tip of the day - is to try and pack your raft with at least 6 people. The more weight you get into it, the quicker it goes and the more fun you'll have.

The tornado is a little bit similar in set up, except it only seats 4. The main difference with the Tornado though is that you fly through a tunnel, picking up stacks of speed, whereupon the tunnel empties out into a massive cone which you literally fly up and down until you exit out the bottom into a pool.

Outside those 3 "BIG" rides, there are 2 features of Wet'n Wild which I think are worthy of mention. Firstly, try the water slides where you go down on your own. (Ie. no tubes, or rafts, no tandem rides, its just you and the water slide) Wet'n Wild has some of the fastest waterslides I have ever been on. Particularly in the Terror Canyon area. So get into them, ride them on your heels and shouders and see just how fast you can get to the bottom.

Finally, I must make mention of the Calypso Beach area. Wet'n Wild have put together a delightful little tropical beach setting, which we retired to for a while when the queues started to test our patience. Its a lovely little spot where you can hide away from the hustle and bustle with an icecream, some fries, or just the intention to have a quick nap. Its perfect also for families with infants, as there are plenty of little inlets where the youngsters can play in the shallows.